Monday, December 22, 2008

We have an Airdate!!!!

I don't know why they have me listed as being from Brandenburg. It's bad enough I had to say Louisville instead of Lebanon on the show, but yeesh! I've emailed their online customer service, asking to have it changed.

January 30 - 8am - HGTV! Anyone up for a viewing party? My segment will only be 6-8 minutes (after 6 hours of filming!) but it's airing! I may have to drink before I show it (I know I'm going to look like a giant goober), but there will be a party!!!

On top of that & the ad that Fire Mountain ran, my gallery was also mentioned in an article about our community on the website (there's a link to my gallery website at the bottom). It's been a pretty good day (even had some sales to boot)!

It'd be better if I didn't have to make the journey to Wal-Mart tonight, but duty calls. Boo, hiss.


GrandmaMarilyns said...

I wish I could watch your show. Maybe I will have cable by then. We aren't going to get cable back until we move.

BeadsForever said...

HGTV - Congrats!

SarahKelley said...

Wow Jama! So great! Congrats:)

Kyfarmlife said...

I am so thrilled for you! WOO HOO! You rock! I cant wait to it written down here on the calendar! GOOD LUCK!

Kyfarmlife said...

by the way..I never did get your email so I can add you to my blog...I went private...long story...but PLEASE email me so I can send you the invite! I asked you about a month back, but may not have gotten it....hope you will this