Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh what to write...

I've GOT to get better at blogging. My life has been a bit crazy lately, but I need to take some time to visit this place more often.

I got my beads in for the Use the Muse project. I've pulled some of my beads out to incorporate into the piece, but haven't really sat down & thought about where it'll go yet. Most of my pieces end up telling me where they want to go, anyway! I've drawn out a few pieces and they usually end up veering off from my original intent. They know where they want to go & they're not about to let me force them in any direction other than that one!

I started working on the July EBW challenge - Here Comes the Bride. I missed the June challenge of humor, but that's ok. I think I needed a month off! This piece is definitely leading me in a direction that I didn't think it was going to go!

I was in a treasury last week, but totally missed blogging about it. Boourns!

I got an email from Jessica King at Fire Mountain Gems last night with the copy for my Success Story. OMG! I'm so flattered. My jaw hit the floor and I grinned like an idiot after reading it. What a compliment! Once the story is up & posted, I'll link to it.

The earrings in the post are a pair that I did for my friend Jenn as a custom order. Very happy with the way they turned out!

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