Saturday, May 16, 2009

Featuring... Me!

Just got word from the fab SpoolOfPlenty that she's included my "Tulle Anyone?" hat in her latest Bluegrass Etsy Street Team treasury, "Wedding Time in Kentucky."

In other news, I had an email from Fire Mountain Gems in response to a submission I'd made about becoming one of their featured artists. Turns out, one of the ladies in marketing began following my blog and reading other features on me! They asked me to be one of their success stories on their Back Cover artists! I'm really honored to be asked to do that!

I've been really busy with web design lately and haven't been able to create a whole lot of jewelry. I've done some repair work on some older jewelry for some ladies in town, but haven't had time to play. That's ok, since I get paid for programming/design time! If you're interested in checking those sites out, I've been working on, and

I've also started working 10 hours a week at the Marion County Public Library. Things have been so and I need the extra income, plus it's a great group to work with. I truly believe that we have the coolest librarians around, not to mention one of the greatest facilities, especially for a small town.

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Karen Gill said...

Congratulations on the treasury, but more on the FMG feature!! Very exciting!