Friday, May 1, 2009

Run for the Roses!

Today is Oaks Day here in the Bluegrass State (that would be the fillies' race, for you non-Kentuckians) and tomorrow is the Derby. This state goes nuts, Louisville in particular. I've never been to the Derby and would love to go. I heard a news spot this morning on the radio, talking about how there were still tickets available for both the Derby and Oaks, as well as hotel rooms. That's a true sign of the weak economy, when you generally can't get a room anywhere near Louisville during Derby weekend.

BUT, on a happy note, simpleelementsdesign has honored myself and some other folks with a treasury dedicated to the Derby.

Run for the Roses

I've been programming the last few days and haven't done much in the way of jewelry. I did get some chain maille done last night with some cool anodized aluminum, but have other projects to work on today. Repair, custom redesign of a belt into a necklace, and a custom order. Hopefully, I'll get my EBW challenge finished and be able to work on my B.E.S.T. challenge entry!

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