Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Treasury Time Again

Paula at intothewoods1 has included one of my beaded ornaments in her treasury, "Surf's Up! Gnarly Hues, man." Thanks, Paula!

I haven't had time to work on my entry for the EBW challenge. I'm supposed to be working on the Chamber's website and need to get in that frame of mind. I'd like to have a good portion of it done before starting work at the library next week.

I also need to get my things together for the jury process at Kentucky Crafted. Is the 5th time a charm? I hope so. I hate rejection.

Speaking of rejection, I didn't make it into Bead Dreams this year. I'm planning on doing a piece just for the show next year, like I did in 2008. In my copious amounts of spare time :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh what a weekend!

I had a pretty fabulous weekend. Friday night, my friend Kate and I took another friend, Anne, out for a night in Louisville. Anne had twin girls at 23 1/2 weeks and has been living in the Ronald McDonald House in Louisville for 8 weeks now. The girls are at Kosairs and are doing so well - just last week they were both extubated and have already been worked down to the lowest oxygen level! I've been kicking myself for not getting up there since the twinkies were born, but it was so good to drag Anne out for a night of conversation, dinner and good beer at BBC. We walked down to Borders afterward at 4th Street Live and then back to the RMH. I love Louisville and I love my girlfriends.

On Saturday, I got my kiddo and drove back to Louisville for a Bluegrass Etsy Street Team meet & greet at Tina Mackin's studio on Barret. What fun! It was so great to meet the ladies who came, put faces and voices to the names, as well as share ideas. After coming home, the fab Libby snagged a treasury (check out her soaps, one pictured to the right), including everyone who was there. My Blue and Orange Derby hat is one of the featured pieces.

Orange You Glad You're in Kentucky!?

Amber and I got back to Lebanon about 6 and stayed in. Sunday morning, we stayed in our jammies as long as possible before hitting her soccer party, the park and then back to her dad's. I got my butt kicked at disc golf by my friend Stephen and then had drinks at Los Mariachis. I love my driving disc in the pond, though. Drat!

I finished the chain maille bracelet I was working on for one customer, which allowed me to get some work done on my entry for the Etsy Beadweavers May Challenge. I have some other projects that I have to finish (paying projects!) today before I pick the needle back up on the challenge piece, but it's coming along rather nicely.

In other news, I got a part-time job! I'm so excited! I've been needing to do something that would guarantee income and I couldn't be more excited about the venue - our local library. I swear, we have the coolest librarians on the planet.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pink Out - Oaks Hat Contest

I didn't have a contest in mind when I made my Derby/Oaks hats, but a local tv station, Wave 3 in Louisville, is having an Oaks hat contest. From the Wave 3 site:

"This year Churchill Downs will donate $1 for every person that attends the Kentucky Oaks to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, guaranteeing a minimum donation of $100,000. They are asking everyone to show their support by turning the track into a "sea of pink"... to wear pink to the track on Oaks Day in support of finding a cure for breast cancer."

On a personal note, my grandmother had breast cancer resulting in a double mastectomy when I was in high school and overcame it before losing her battle with depression a decade later. I'd like to think of her wearing this hat, laughing that incredible laugh that I'm happy to say I inherited. Family gatherings sounded like a din of hyenas :)

Love you, Memaw.

So, please go to and vote!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Run for the Roses

I absolutely love the Kentucky Derby. It's one of those times that I just want to strut around & tell everyone I meet that I'm from this beautiful state.

My dad has been on me for years to do Derby hats. This year, I finally heeded his advice and created some hats. I was supposed to make it to a friend's wine tasting tonight to show these off, but my body has other plans, so I just spent the last hour & a half listing these beauties on Etsy. I had tons of fun making them, even if I ended up covered in glitter, hot glue and feathers for a while!

The pictured hat is already sold. I LOVE those feathers!

In other news, I just got Mod Knots by Cathi Milligan in the mail. I've done some simple macrame in the past, but I'm itching to try these out! Because I'm too ADD to not try something new!

My beads came in for my latest EBW Challenge, Hollywood Red Carpet Creations. Can you say sparkly?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Listings!

I went nuts (like usual) the other day and glazed a bunch of glass tiles for jewelry. Today, I finally got around to adding 5 of the bracelets to my etsy store, along with a beadwoven necklace and bracelet.

Things have been a bit hectic with my schedule and I feel like I haven't gotten much done in the way of beading. I know it's not true because I've increased my stock in the gallery, but I just haven't gotten photos taken of everything for etsy. Sometimes, I just feel like my business gets in the way of my business! Of course, I'd sit and bead all day if given the chance, but I have to say, I've enjoyed hanging out with friends lately and working on my committee assignments. Yes, I am crazy, why do you ask?

Glass Bracelets:

Dutch Spiral Bracelet:

Bird's Nest Necklace:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Voting Still Open

What a talented group of Etsians in the Etsy-Beadweavers team! I'm always blown away by their work anyway, but these challenges really are quite awesome.

The fab Ginny of Njema Creations has curated a Treasury featuring some of the entries in April's "Time Machine" challenge. Go check it out & don't forget to vote in the EBW challenge on the EBW blog. You have until tomorrow to cast your vote.

A Trip Through Time Treasury:

I have more pieces to photograph, but haven't been able to get to them. I'll try to rectify that!

In the meantime, I've relisted a few items:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Glass, Glitter & Glaze

Robin from facesarefunny is doing a bang up job of catching treasuries for the Bluegrass Etsy Street Team. The latest, The Old Bald Cheater and 11 more b&w greats from the Bluegrass Etsy Street Team, features one of my glass tile pendants. Thanks, Robin! Go give the treasury some love!

Speaking of glass tiles, I spent much of yesterday glazing some decorative paper onto some new rounds for some bracelets, earrings and rings. I was covered in Diamond Glaze and glitter for a while, but it was worth it. Today's project entails a few more coats of Diamond Glaze and some sanding.

I also ordered some beads for the new EBW challenge for May, Hollywood Red Carpet Creations. It's been a while since I've ordered beads for a specific challenge. I've been trying to use up leftover beads from old projects, but I couldn't resist getting some Swarovski for this challenge. Ideas abound!

There's still time to vote for your favorite entry in the April EBW Team Challenge, Time Machine. Voting is open until the 15th of this month! Go! Vote!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Voting Begins!

The entries for the April challenge, "Time Machine" are in! They are as always simply beautiful, creative and amazing! Etsy Beadweavers took the time and have the talent to create these inspiring challenge pieces! Tiny little beads and a needle and thread along with incredible patience bring these selections to you to vote and choose your favorite. I am so honored to be included with such a talented group of beaders!

You can click on the item in the text list below the mosaic on the EBW blog which links to the Etsy Shop listing of each entrant where you will see more detail of each piece!

Voting begins today, Thursday, April 9th and ends midnight April 15th. Show your appreciation for the efforts of these amazing artists and take on the difficult task of voting for your favorite. (The ballot is on the side bar at right.) Again, the individual pieces are listed below the mosaic where you can visit each entry for more information by following the link.

My entry, "Time Standing Still" is #4 in the mosaic and on the right in the voting block! The link to my piece is currently incorrect, but my piece can be found here: