Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Almost two years ago, I filmed a spot for HGTV's "That's Clever!" It was grueling, but enjoyable at the same time. I was told to contact Weller-Grossman to find out when my segment would air. I was told that I was episode 419 and that series 400 would begin airing in January 2008. This meant that my episode should air in late February or early March.

2008 came and That's Clever! wasn't airing. Several crafters, including myself, couldn't get hold of anyone to find out what was going on. Another crafter blogged last month that she'd called HGTV and the woman had told her that the show had been canceled.

I contacted both Weller-Grossman and HGTV to see if I could at least get a copy of my segment. Today, I got this in my email:

Hello and thank you for your email.

First, please accept our sincerest apology for the lengthy delay in getting back to you with a response. We've been experiencing intermittent mail server issues of late which has caused a significant delay in getting back to our customers.

The 400 series of That's Clever will air, however, they have been moved to premiere beginning January 2009. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Best regards,

Scripps Networks Customer Service

Looks like it will air! I don't really create pieces like what I'm doing on the show, but maybe I should brush up on my wire work! The piece above is the one I'll be making on the show. It's a PMC pendant with three cabochons, sterling wire and coiled, coated copper wire.


Katherine S said...

Congrats on your soon-to-be more famousness!

Honeydew Studio said...

I was also filmed for That's Clever - but for the 500 series! I contacted the show in this past spring to ger an air date. The woman I spoke with told me she had my show number, but no date and to e-mail her again in the fall. I did, and the e-mail bounced back to me! If you could, do you think you can provide me with contact info for them? You can get a hold of me through my blog. Thanks so much, and best of luck on your episode!

Honeydew Studio said...

Thank you soooo much for the info! I've been combing the internet for any information at all regarding That's Clever, and yours was the only helpful blog I came across. I really appreciate you getting back to me.

Your bead work is absolutely lovely, by the way! (o: -Nicole