Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Neverending Spiral

I've been working on the spiral off & on, spending most of Sunday working on it. Unfortunately, this has prompted me to get "this is the spiral that never ends" caught in my head, as sung to the tune of "this is the song that never ends." The piece is now 14.5" long and near completion. By near completion, I mean I'm almost out of one of the beads, so once those are gone, I'll taper off the ends and tie it all together. Pictures posted when the project is done.

I'm already looking ahead to the next project. One of my problems (well, not really a problem...) is that I have oodles of beads left over from other projects. I'm going to challenge myself to work on something utilizing a multitude of those beads.

But I still can't help buy eye the the Fire Mountain Catalog. Darnit.

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