Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Chattanoogan

A friend of mine tipped me off to an online article about Lebanon and Springfield which mentioned my gallery, These Precious Things.

The portions mentioning my gallery are:

"The first thing a visitor should appreciate once he or she has arrived in the Heart of Kentucky is the small town feel that pervades the area. People greet each other on the street by first name, local coffee shop owners know what customers will order without the customers having to request it and everyone seems to move at a slightly slower pace than people who live in big cities. "

"However, just because the small town feeling pervades this area does not mean that the Heart of Kentucky is in any way a backwoods or "hick" area. I was pleasantly surprised at the menu and selection at the various restaurants that I ate at while in the area. The Oak Barrel, a restaurant that recently opened in Lebanon, offered a little bit of everything. Their crab cakes were filling and tasty. The next morning, stopping in at "These Precious Things," an art gallery and coffee shop, for a latte was just the way to start the morning."

Kate Wilson

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