Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Mark of Great Art Follow-Up, New Years

By chance, I decided to check up on the Maker's Mark project this morning, to see if the company was looking to do another project. Nothing new posted of that sort, but they have started updating where the pieces have landed after the gallery openings. Mine's in the West Village (woot!) at a place called the Cowgirl HOF... that would be Hall of Fame. So, if you're in NYC, both of my pieces are there at 519 Hudson.

And my New Year's Resolutions (not including the obligatory "I'll get in shape, etc.")...
  • Cut down on the number of festivals I do, but make them quality festivals
  • List one item on Etsy per day
  • Enter more design competitions
  • Get my workspace organized (oh, that's a BIGGIE!)
  • Finish my painting series & promote it
  • Stick to a budget in order to pay off bills & save for my own place
  • Update my marketing plan
Looking at that list makes me a wee bit tired, but I'm working on it. I'm planning on fixing my workspace this weekend (power tools!) and getting ready to break out the camera right now & work on my etsy listings. Wish me luck!


BeadsForever said...

That is quite a list of new year resolutions! I wish you luck. Have fun fixing your workspace this weekend.

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Good luck on your beadie resolutions. Hope your workspace is as nice as you hope.

K S said...

What a busy girl you are!