Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Listings!

I went nuts (like usual) the other day and glazed a bunch of glass tiles for jewelry. Today, I finally got around to adding 5 of the bracelets to my etsy store, along with a beadwoven necklace and bracelet.

Things have been a bit hectic with my schedule and I feel like I haven't gotten much done in the way of beading. I know it's not true because I've increased my stock in the gallery, but I just haven't gotten photos taken of everything for etsy. Sometimes, I just feel like my business gets in the way of my business! Of course, I'd sit and bead all day if given the chance, but I have to say, I've enjoyed hanging out with friends lately and working on my committee assignments. Yes, I am crazy, why do you ask?

Glass Bracelets:

Dutch Spiral Bracelet:

Bird's Nest Necklace:


Kerrie Slade said...

Oh your little Bird's Nest necklace is so cute Jama!


Dawn N said...

The bird on your Bird's Nest necklace is a great touch.

I think taking the pictures and creating the listings is the hardest part about selling on Etsy. Takes time away from beading!