Saturday, April 18, 2009

Run for the Roses

I absolutely love the Kentucky Derby. It's one of those times that I just want to strut around & tell everyone I meet that I'm from this beautiful state.

My dad has been on me for years to do Derby hats. This year, I finally heeded his advice and created some hats. I was supposed to make it to a friend's wine tasting tonight to show these off, but my body has other plans, so I just spent the last hour & a half listing these beauties on Etsy. I had tons of fun making them, even if I ended up covered in glitter, hot glue and feathers for a while!

The pictured hat is already sold. I LOVE those feathers!

In other news, I just got Mod Knots by Cathi Milligan in the mail. I've done some simple macrame in the past, but I'm itching to try these out! Because I'm too ADD to not try something new!

My beads came in for my latest EBW Challenge, Hollywood Red Carpet Creations. Can you say sparkly?

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Anonymous said...

They all look FAB!!! You did a great job on the photography... I'll have to go back and look, not sure I am able to choose a favorite!!! YAY JAMA!!!