Friday, October 24, 2008

Hop Hop Hop

Tonight is the Marion County Arts & Humanities Council 4th annual art auction. I always freak out when it gets close, but this year has been especially bad, with all sorts of other things going on with the business and in my personal life. I literally didn't finish getting everything ready until a few hours ago. I can honestly say that, even though I'm a control freak, I'm looking forward to just being a board member next year instead of the president!

I've got two pieces in the auction this year - a painting and a jewelry set. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, so I don't mind donating more than one piece. I tend to donate pieces that I've had for a while or that I'm tired of looking at :) Sounds horrible, doesn't it? BUT - they're pieces that I've received lots of compliments on and that people have expressed interest in. It's just time for them to rotate out of my hands & into someone else's.

The sun has finally come out after a nasty, drizzly day. It's now 5:08pm and I'll be here til 7 tonight, then off to the auction at the Oak Barrel at 7:30. I only hope that people have started to think about the value of art. The economy isn't all that great, but there are some incredible pieces in the auction. There always are. I just wish I could get people to realize what an investment it is in both their own futures and the future of the arts in our community.

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GrandmaMarilyns said...

Hey, if you feel it is good enough to sell, then it is good enough for the auction too. Or, at least, that is my philosopy.