Monday, October 13, 2008

New Listings!

I've been busy this morning (uh, afternoon now...) listing things on etsy:

Crashing Waves-Necklace:
Crashing Waves-Earrings:
The Ocean is Gray:
Green Ruffle:
Winter Ice:
Black, White and Red All Over:
And the one I just finished! The Wanderer:

Hooray! I have two more pieces that are almost finished, but a list of ideas in my head that I want to start on. I also got 4 dozen clear bulb ornaments, to do Victorian netting around for Christmas. And I need to start on my Maker's Mark pendants. And I need to work on the MCAHC auction... and then.... and then...

On a much lighter note, I bought my daughter Amber a box of beads and some elastic over the weekend, and we beaded like mad while watching movies. There's some quality bonding time for you :) We also worked on her costume last week. We got wings & a skirt at the dollar tree, then picked up a leotard and tights, adding tons of glitter paint. Over the weekend, we picked up a white peasant skirt for me, which we're now glittering up so that I can wear my wings & we can be fairies together. I love Halloween!


Melody said...

Wow! That's some lovely new work!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

You are a busy woman. I would love to see a picture of you and your cutie in your costumes.

Lovely new pieces in Etsy.

Candace D said...

Ok that cannot be Amber - that girl is huge! I hardly recognize her! Wow!!! :)

Jama said...

That is TOTALLY Amber! She's 5 going on 15!